Terms and Conditions of Use

Last modification: 25/05/2022


We welcome you to Gravitalia! These Terms of Use (TOC, Terms) are a legal agreement with the people registered on our site (Users) and Gravitalia (this site, the company and services such as AirBlog, we, our, company). By using Gravitalia and its services, you agree to these Terms of Use as well as our privacy policy which is also linked to these Terms and you affirm that you are 13 years old or the numerical majority in your country. You represent that you have read, understand and agree to these Terms as soon as you use our Services or Gravitalia. If you are under the age of majority in your country, you agree that you have brought your legal representative to read, accept and understand these Terms.
Gravitalia reserves the right to modify these TOU without the Users' consent. We will try to warn you if these conditions change but we do not guarantee anything, we will consider that you have accepted these new Conditions if you do not wish to delete your account. If you wish to object to these Terms at a later date, you must delete your account.


This text is not intended to replace all of the words below (and above) and cannot be used in a trial, its purpose is to facilitate understanding and provide a summary.
Gravitalia allows access to many services for free or for a fee while guaranteeing the protection of the User's privacy by not collecting any personal data for advertising purposes or for profit.
Gravitalia has the right to suspend its service, an account or any other if the User has not respected its internal rules or a law in force in his country. Gravitalia has the right to restrict access to its service by IP, country or other or globally temporarily or permanently without notice.
The User is responsible for his content (posts, profile picture...).
In case of conflict, an amicable resolution is preferable.
The translations are provided for information purposes only and have no jurisdictional value (official translation: French).

Right to use the service

Gravitalia provides a connection, services such as AirBlog or GSearch, profile editing etc. nevertheless, we reserve the right to modify, delete, appropriate any content without prior request to the User, the person using the service, or any Users. Gravitalia reserves the right to block access to its services or to the parent site (the one currently visited) temporarily or permanently to one or more Users or Users, to regions or countries, to specific IPs or addresses (Mac...) without prior notice and without justification.

You agree not to - try or not - to use our services for any undefined purpose or to cut our service by any means as well as to copy, modify, access the source code, decompile or transfer the offered services or any section of service. You may not under any circumstances harm any User or any person or entity.

Service availability

We try to keep our services (Gravitalia and its services in this section) online and accessible at all times. Despite our constant efforts, our services may be temporarily or permanently unavailable and we cannot be held responsible and / or for loss of data caused by this non-accessibility. Your equipment may not be compatible with ours (applications, etc.) and you may not have access to our services. You may lose access to our services due to a revocation of your account, in which case you may need to re-pay for hardware or software with us. agree not to access or use any material or services that are illegal or the use of which is not permitted in the country from which you are accessing or using such material or services, or to conceal or distort your location or your identity in order to access - our services - or use this material.

Your account

Your account is customizable, whether it is the name or the avatar, however, you are solely responsible (including legal) for its maintenance as well as its security or use. You make sure that the information entered on your account is correct, you vouch for it, such as e-mail address, date of birth or phone number. If there is a problem with your account, such as an inappropriate avatar or banner, or a disrespectful nickname, any User may report you and you may be subject to penalties.

Content published by Users

Each User can publish content whether in the form of text, image, file or other that will be distributed to a public or not via one or more services however, the User must respect the intellectual property of others. In case of non-compliance with the law, only the User and not Gravitalia can be held responsible and will have to suffer the penal consequences. The User must ensure by himself the conformity of his words. When you share, publish or upload content, you grant us the freedom to own it, modify it, create new works and distribute it worldwide. Gravitalia does not guarantee the stability, quality or integrity of the content you post. You agree that we will not be held responsible for any damage or loss. Your content may be removed without notice or justification.

Funding of our service

To finance our services (Gravitalia and its services in this section), we can raise funds, money which can therefore be given by Users, companies etc. or, display paid advertising by companies via one of our services or via a third-party service (Google AdSense for example) but also via paid options or via captcha services (hCaptcha for example). Thus, our services can remain free for Users. Users agree to be able to see advertisements using our services.
The advertisements displayed may or may not be targeted depending on the service used. We strive to protect the privacy of our Users, which is why only Users themselves can choose to display advertising for their remuneration (as for example at AirBlog), Gravitalia meanwhile, will take 5 % of money generated by ads.

INFORMATION: Gravitalia's services try to respect privacy by not collecting any personal data for profit (to make money) and we strive not to have any advertising services sorting through your data so the majority of our Services do not contain any advertising.

Intellectual Property

All contents of the site as well as sites, images, works created or owned by Gravitalia belong to us. Even without mention of copyright or author's rights and even without making a deposit. Unless otherwise stated, all works are not to be re-used without the written consent of Gravitalia. In case of non-respect of this right which is dear to us, you are exposed to 3 years of imprisonment, 300 000 euros of fine. The name (Gravitalia) and the logo can be used without prior authorization, but Gravitalia can request the removal of the name or logo for particular sites without justification.

Rules of conduct

These rules can be modified without notifying the User.

Gravitalia allows various things ranging from a search on the Web to the creation of a blog or even to the dissemination of content. In order for all of this to work within a good framework, we have created some rules of good conduct to be observed in all circumstances on our services.
- Do not do anything illegal, prohibited in your country or prohibited in France. < br> - Do not send spam, files containing personal data without consent, trapped files (virus, phishing ...).
- Do not send data (image, text ...) to pornographic or child pornography.
- Do not engage in any activity that could harm children in any way.
- Share photos, videos or content that you have taken or that you have the right to share.
- Respect other Users: no defamation, be polite, do not attempt to provoke hatred or humiliation.
- Do not engage in fraudulent, fraudulent or deceptive activities.
- Do not help others break these Terms and Rules.

We just brought you a non-exhaustive list of rules, but which are the most important and should be underlined. We reserve the right to sanction for reasons other than those mentioned above.

Third party services

We may use third party services to help us improve Gravitalia, however, if there is a problem with them, we are not responsible for any data leakage or content blocked by them. Some third party sites may try to track you, however, we are always trying to find ways to respect the privacy of our valued Users.

Our responsibilities

Regarding the contents not created or sent by ourselves, we are not responsible. In case of non-compliance with the French OR European laws, please contact us immediately so that we rectify this problem, you will have no right to file a complaint against us until an urgent report has been sent to us via our various means of contact AND until we have resolved this problem. In case of data leakage, don't panic, your personal data are encrypted and/or hashed and we try to make sure that this data does not get out in the wild. However, despite our attempts to reduce vulnerabilities, no service is inviolable and that is why in case of loss or leakage, you will not be able to complain.


This part may totally and irrevocably affect your legal rights as well as your rights to sue in a court of law.

We prefer a remedy without going to court, that's why you can contact us easily via several services if still you want to file a complaint, you will have to pay your attorney's fees, expert witness fees as well as other costs. You will also be asked, where possible, to pay our legal fees.

In case of seriousness of contravention ranging from 1st class to 5th class or misdemeanor, it is preferable that they are subject to an amicable agreement between our two parties.
In case of discrepancy with one or more other User/Users, Gravitalia can not be used as a witness and, unless otherwise on the part of Gravitalia, will not participate. In the event of a court request for evidence (such as messages), the waiting time may exceed several months and is indefinite.

Gravitalia will not be liable for indirect, special, incidental, consequential or punitive damages as well as loss of revenue or profits directly or indirectly and other losses. Gravitalia will not be held responsible for the acts of the Users. Gravitalia and its services cannot be held responsible for the reimbursement of damages if we are found guilty, although you can apply to the Compensation Commission for Victims of Crime or to the Victims of Crime Recovery Service. Gravitalia and its companies cannot be forced to reimburse the victim's legal fees even if Gravitalia is at fault. Gravitalia and its companies will not have material or property seized to pay damages or debts.

Only the French jurisdiction can judge Gravitalia and its companies. Only the French laws apply to Gravitalia and its companies.

Access to the API

This part only affects developers wishing to use our API, application programming interface that allows you to get certain data.

Gravitalia strives to help you at all times if you are a developer, we put all our services under different APIs nevertheless, they always follow the same rules to make them easier to use!
The use is free for everyone notwithstanding that, Gravitalia reserves the right, if we think you are breaking our rules to terminate the tokens of your bots as well as to make them inactive.

The APIs allow you to access all public data in a simple and efficient way under our and the User's authorization, you may obtain some personal data such as the User's email address nevertheless, please keep in mind that you will be the sole guarantor of the protection of the data obtained through our APIs.
By using our API(s), you agree not to abuse our APIs. If you have a service that needs a lot of calls per second, we can provide you with a token that allows for an increased number of calls.

CAUTION: we do not allow economic agents and individuals to use this public data (API or direct site) for any kind of analysis (personalization of advertisements, etc.) except under exceptional dispensation from us.

Translations of Gravitalia and its services

The translations, as herein, are given for information only and not intended to be validated, verified or correct. Thus, in the event of a different, only the French version can be taken into account and this, on all the Gravitalia platform as well as the platform of its services. We still try to provide quality translations to our Users without succeeding in doing so.