Privacy Policy

Last modification: 25/05/2022

Preamble & definitions

- Gravitalia (we, the company) is the website you are visiting as well as the company.
- User (you) is the natural or legal person who uses the service.
- Services are all the services created and/or offered by Gravitalia.
- Users (you) are all the people registered on our services.

This privacy policy is intended for Gravitalia and its services such as AirBlog or GSearch. Its purpose is to inform Users about:
- The purpose of their data;
- The data collected by Gravitalia and its services;
- The rights they have;

Within the framework of the laws (General Regulation on Data Protection and the so-called "Informatique et Libertés"), Gravitalia has tried to respect them, but in case of mistake. s on our part, please first of all bring them up to us (see the article on Contact).

Data controller (contact)

Personal data is collected by Gravitalia, controlled by individuals and can be contacted via Discord, support center or e-mail:

To whom the data is

Unless otherwise stated, the data collected is used for internal purposes and will not be provided to third parties. It may however, in order to meet the need, be provided to subcontractors.

Information we collect

As soon as you use our services, we collect information useful for the proper functioning of our services as described below.

Information you provide: when you register, we collect your email address as well as your phone number or date of birth (even these last two are optional). You can also provide us with information such as a payment method, your other social networks or even a username, posts, comments, articles. It is all the content you write or upload, put online through our services that are included in it.
Data we automatically collect: we also store information essential to our proper functioning such as IP address, your device, your location, your uses of the services and your preferences. All the data collected are not listed exhaustively, the main information is given but others are not and are recorded on our database.
OAuth related data: when you link your social network accounts (Twitter, Facebook... ), you allow us to use the unique identifier of the network, the email address registered on the network as well as your public information (username, description...) for the purpose of personalizing your account and save this data on our database.
Cookies: our cookies are not for targeting, tracking or obtaining information. Our cookies are there for your login and the convenience of logging in via subdomains. They are also used to record your preferences (color...).
Advertisements: some parts of our services contain advertisements, these have been activated by the author, the User and are to the majority, for the purpose of paying these Users. They are difused by third party services that may harvest your data.

Where your data is processed

Our head office is based in France nevertheless, the data is stored in Germany at Contabo (Aschauer Str. 32a, 81549 München, Germany) which you can contact at +4989356471771. European laws govern how data is saved and used.

What is the purpose of this information

First, we would like to say that the information we collect is secure and that we make every effort to comply with European laws.
Your information is used, for example, to send you emails (email), messages (phone), personalize your recommendations or log in (OAuth). We may also use this data for security purposes, insurance (IP) or to provide access to our service for Users.

How long your data is on our servers

Essential data (email, password...) and public data (username, avatar...) are stored for an indefinite period. The public and identifiable data (except email and IP) are deleted when you want to delete your account. As for the cookies, even if they are saved on your machine, they have a duration of 10 years, this period exceeded, they will no longer be available for our services. The data collected during your visits are deleted as soon as we receive your request to delete your account.

Your rights on your data

You have the possibility of deleting your data at any time (except e-mail and IP) as well as rectifying them (only the data entered by the User) and obtaining your data at any time (waiting time between each request of 1 month).
When you request your data, they may take a time (which is indefinite) before they arrive. The data sent is in JSON format. To request or delete your data, go to your profile settings.
It is possible to contact us, for any requests related to legislations and your other requests via our support center or email: For legislative requests, the waiting period is possible beyond 30 days, please notify (in support) that the reason is legal and (in emails) that the subject of the email is legal, we notify you and our Users.

Data disclosure

Gravitalia does not intend to sell your data nevertheless, Gravitalia reserves the right to disclose it if needed for specific reasons or not without prior notice or notification.

Legal reason: when it is necessary for a government agency or a law(s). s that require us to disclose the information, we cannot refuse.
Subcontracting: if Gravitalia uses a third party company, it may grant access to your data for the purpose of making the requested company/third party company's mission successful.
Developers: we have an API (application programming interface) that allows developers to obtain public data without prior request or personal data with your consent.
Anonymous data: in particular cases where you are not recognizable (anonymous), we may transfer your data to third party services for multiple reasons.


For reasons of safety of minors, Users must be at least 13 years old or the numerical majority of their country. If a parent wishes to register their minor child, it is entirely possible, the parent simply needs to enter this information as well as their date of birth. Age verification is only required if we have noticed behavior that may lead us to believe that the User is the wrong age.

Hypertext links

Some pages, messages, articles or other contain links not affiliated with Gravitalia or its services, the User clicking on this link must be careful on which site he goes. Gravitalia does not take any responsibility if a User has clicked on one of these links and downloaded, emitted a virus, IP or other information.


We try to secure your data as much as possible by encrypting it (email, date of birth etc.) or by hashing it (password) with the latest high-performance algorithms (e.g. BCrypt, with a high number of rounds). We also try to regulate the number of Users having access to sensitive data.

Changes to this policy

We reserve the right to change this privacy policy. In the event of such a change, we will attempt to notify the User by one or more means such as e-mail, notification.


We try as much as possible to respect the French and European laws nevertheless, it is quite possible that something has escaped us in which case, please notify us immediately via the means of contact (see above). In case of problems with this policy or condition of use, you will not be able to file a complaint.
French and European laws are to be respected on our platform. Only the French jurisdiction will be able to judge us in case of fault. The lawyer's fees will be charged not to Gravitalia but to the person who filed the complaint.
The translations are made for information purposes only, in case of problems, the French version will prevail.